Mechanical Power Transmission

Motion has a wide array of mechanical power transmission products. Choose from a collection of belts, chains, belting tools, parts, and accessories, belt pulleys, belt and chain guides, torque limiters, shaft bushings, speed reducers, worm gears, and much more.
Mechanical power transmission refers to products used in systems with moving parts as opposed to systems powered electrically. These products include shaft couplings, chains and sprockets, belts and sheaves, and drive components. Belts, such as v-belts and synchronous drive belts, are used in a variety of applications and work in conjunction with pulleys and sheaves. These products reduce slippage and are commonly used in manufacturing, HVAC, and agricultural industries. Shaft couplings join two shafts together and are available in two main types: flexible shaft couplings and rigid shaft couplings. Drive components include clutches, breaks, gears, and variable speed motor drives.
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