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Motion carries a vast selection of spur and change gears for your mechanical power transmission needs. Browse through change gears, external tooth spur gears, spur gear idlers, and internal tooth spur gears.

Looking for high quality spur gears for your future projects and plans, or some replacement spur gears for existing systems and machines? No matter what kind of spur gears you require, you can find them all right here at Motion, the home of high quality industrial products.

What are Spur Gears?

Spur gears, which are also sometimes known as straight-cut gears, are a type of gears. They're often regarded as the simplest form of gear available and have one of the widest ranges of applications, due to their simplistic design. Like other kinds of gear, a spur gear consists of a cylinder or disk with a series of protruding teeth around the outside. The teeth are all identical in terms of shape and size, pointing straight out from the center of the gear itself.

There are two main types of spur gears: external and internal. External spur gears are those with the teeth on the outside of the cylinder, while internal spur gears have the teeth on the internal side of the cylinder.

What are Spur Gears Used for?

As with other kinds of gears, spur gears are classed as mechanical power transmission products, used for transferring mechanical energy along a system or throughout a piece of machinery. As the gears turn, they transfer movement to the next gear or part in the system, allowing various machines, systems, and appliances to function.

The Best Spur Gears

Gears are placed under high amounts of pressure, which is why it’s best to always use top quality gears that can withstand repeated use and heavy loads. You’ll find only the best spur gears for sale here at Motion.

Buy Spur Gears Online

Choose Motion for your next order of spur gears or any other kind of gears. We have a wide array of mechanical power products to choose from, with the lowest prices and best levels of customer support. Check out the full collection and order today.

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