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Motion has a vast selection of mechanical belts for your mechanical power transmission needs. Browse through industrial V-belts, flat, round, variable speed, capping, automotive, lawn and garden equipment, and variable speed belts.

If you're looking for good quality belts and related mechanical power transmission products, like pulleys and gears, you can find all you need and more at Motion. We stock and sell various forms of belts from leading brands like B & B Manufacturing, Browning, and Optibelt.

What are Mechanical Belts?

A belt is a mechanical power transmission product. It consists of a strip or loop of flexible material, and belts are usually used in conjunction with pulleys or shafts, used for connecting two or more shafts together and helping to transmit power between them.

There are various different forms of belts, and they may be made from a wide range of materials like plastic and rubber. Some of the examples of belt types include flat belts, which are used in situations involving low power and high speed requirements, as well as circular belts, V-belts, and timing belts.

What are Mechanical Belts Used for?

The main use of belts is for mechanical power transmission, or the transfer of mechanical energy from one part or component of a machine to another. In other words, belts help to move energy through a system or machine, and there are lots of different machines that involve the use of belts and pulleys in some form. We can find belts in automotives, for example, and they’re key components for lots of engines, drives, and motors.

The Mechanical Best Belts

If you want to get the best results from a belt and make sure it lasts as long as possible, you need to buy the best quality products. You’ll find a great range of good quality belts here at Motion, including:

  • Flat belts
  • Round belts
  • V-belts
  • Timing belts
  • Pulleys

Buy Mechanical Belts Online

Motion is the best place to shop for mechanical power transmission products like belts and pulleys. We have the best supplies at the fairest prices, so check out our full range and place your order today with a company you can trust.

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